christmas gift ideas

starting to panic yet? what to get the picky bitch who has everything? well, here’s some suggestions…

Eighty years of book cover design by Joseph Connolly

9780571240012                  Eighty-Years-of-Book-Cove-002

I love book covers, as you saw in my previous post. It’s often what makes you take a book from the shelf and decide whether or not to read it. Apparently, this book is  ‘a lavish celebration of the art and beauty of these magnificent covers, from just the first eighty years’ (according to the author himself).

London design guide


I bought this the other day and it has a good area by area guide to retailers, galleries, museums, cafes and much more.


sapin-dore-standard_resize                                     holidaycoffret_resize

Luxury candles (“fragrances”) are very good gifts as it may be difficult to reason why you need to buy a £45 candle for yourself, but you still really, really want one.

And have a look at this description of Diptyque’s Sapin Doré: ‘A special fragrance which pays homage to the most celebrated fir tree in the world, it transports the user straight to the heart of a forest of golden spruce trees. Infused with balmy, comforting and warming notes, it conjures up the sweetness of festive memories’. Haha amazing.

Grace, by Grace Coddington

Grace [Book]

Excerpt from the synopsis found at waterstones’ website: “Witty and forthright, and illustrated throughout with vintage photographs and exclusive line-drawings, “Grace: A Memoir” shares the excitement and vision that go into producing so many unforgettable fashion images”. Sounds good, I want it.


image_db-23 image_db-21.php

There is so much beautifully designed jewellery! The two above are from Swedish David & Martin.

Culture Label has loads of jewellery from different brands ( Like this owl ring by Dominique Lucas!


I also really like some of Tatty Divine‘s jewellery, like this flower necklace that I got from my boyfriend earlier this year


Urban Outfitters have some nice ones too, like these…

urban outfitters urban outfitters 2

And this Georg Jensen watch is a classic!

georg jensen

Art collector card game from Tate


For the person who likes both card games and art. Common mix? I’m one of them though. ‘Based on the traditional game of Happy Families, Art Collector is an engaging card- game in which players acquire, trade and collect works of art from tate’s collection of international and British art.’ buy at:


Artist book (tip: find out favourite artists or recent exhibitions he/she went to) 

I really want this book about Basquiat, I’ve wanted it since autumn 2010 when I saw the exhibition at Musée d’Art Moderne.




What are you giving this year? Let me know if you have more ideas to add!


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