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redoing a wardrobe

I’ve been redoing a pine wardrobe that we’re taking with us to the new flat. I just can’t stand pine furniture, it has no place other than possibly ski cabins.

So the wardrobe had to be painted! But first, it had to be sanded. We found a sander for £10 at homebase, so we’re now proud owners of a sander. I love tools.

pine wardrobe pine wardrobe



Sanding took much longer than expected… but the priming and painting was fun!

eggshell paint


And here’s the final result!



I found these doorknobs from urban outfitters that I put on

new doorknobs

Ready to be moved into the new flat!

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looking for vintage furniture

I’m looking for retro vintage furniture for the new flat. It’s a shame that most of it is so expensive, especially here in London.

I’ve found a very nice 60s dining table at Vintage Retro. It’s made in Denmark, designed by Hans Olsen and made by Frem Rojle in teak. The triangular chairs go in under the table so that it takes less space.

60s dining table

60s chair

60s dining table (2)

But it costs £800…

The furniture that I’ve found on Swedish sites is less expensive. But then again, I would need to transport it to London, which would be a hassle and cost more.

Like this Danish dining table from the 50s but at a Swedish site called Got2Get. It’s less than £500.

50s dining table

I’ve also seen these amazing chest of drawers / buffets

Arne Vodder

The above is made by Arne Vodder for Atelje Trä glas in Sweden in the 60s.


And I love this one above!

But they are also a bit expensive and I think I need to be lucky on ebay or maybe there’s a market somewhere outside London where you can find nice things to then refurbish.. If you know of anything, please let me know!


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follow the blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Bloglovin’ is a site that helps you follow the blogs you read by having them all in one place and letting you know when they update.

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recycled furniture

Recycled furniture is a big trend right now, likely resulting from both the popularity of vintage furniture and our growing green conciousness.

South African interior/furniture designer Katie Thompson has a beautiful collection of recycled furniture called Recreate where she mixes antiques in unconventional ways.

Ottoman tub with storage   Suitcase Sidetable – Mr Remington II


Another designer working with recycled vintage furniture is British Zoe Murphy, who promotes the idea of ‘Loving what belongs to you’ by printing onto recycled furniture and textiles. This is an idea that isn’t too difficult to copy and do yourself (although perhaps a bit time consuming if you want this much of details…)




zoe murphy recycled furniture





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my flat on Charlotte Street

It’s time for me to leave  my cute little flat and lovely flatmate Karen on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia and the search for a new flatmate has begun. Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken and uploaded to the flatmate sites (plus some additional, more detailed photos just for this post)

the living room

photo (24)

The table in front of the sofa is from ikea but has a nice 60s touch to it. I found the other small, round table at the market on brick lane for £15! The painting is a van Gogh replica I made last year.



Various glass things that my parents have given me and candle from voluspa

my bedroom

photo (28)

photo (23)

photo (22)  the jewellery box is from Lombok and I got it from my friends for my birthday a couple of years ago. In the back is an amaazing body butter from laura mercier and the glass things are really cheap stuff from ikea

photo (30)

photo (26)  Tea for the Tillerman is one of my favourite albums so I got so happy when I found it in a candy/vinyl shop (interesting mix) in new york last year – but, it didn’t have the vinyl itself in it! But I got the cover for just $2 so now it just works as decoration (as do my other vinyls too though, until I get a player…)

The little glass bowl is from iittala.



photo (29)

photo (21)This chest of drawers is my grand mother’s and is one of my favourite at home. I’ve also got the painting from her and she told me that she bought it with my grand father at the flee market in Paris when they were younger.

The books are moleskin’s travel notebooks where you can write down your favourite places. I have one for London and one for Paris. But as with all that stuff, I think I should use them more.

So.. hopefully someone likes the place and would like to move in soon!

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metallic things emelie wants from the AD collectors magazine

Still loving the metallics. I was looking through a recent issue of AD collector magazine (special issue no 7 2012) and found some beautiful things with metallics, like these little pieces below.

Metallics are really harsh and masculine so I think they work best in a soft environment with sofas, cushions and rugs, rather than an industrial setting.

photo (12)

The really cool table above is made by Fredrikson Stallard in crushed stainless steel (from their collection ‘Crush’). Fredrikson Stellard is a Swedish / British duo and some of their work can be seen at V&A museum and MoMA.


Campana - Basoli - Galleri O

This table is in carrera marble with legs in gold plated brass or steel by Fernando & Humberto Campana, made for Galleria O.


photo (14)

Lamp above by Mattia Bonetti for David Gill.

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metallic window shopping

I came across a really nice design shop when I was back in Sweden over Christmas. They had lots of things from Tom Dixon, like these metal bowls and lamps:



IMG_2053 IMG_2052

The big lamp is £350 so maybe not, but these tea lights are £35 each…

The big bowl reminds me a tiny bit of a silver metal bowl I got from my parents once:

photo (4)

(please ignore the dust…)

The store also had more golden metallic stuff from Skultuna.


More golden stuff from Skultuna’s website:

183-409-611 181-401-603 82-85-213 102-105-275

I just everything that is metallic right now.

With one exception, these little white things that I also saw there. Apparently Lindform call them Pebbles. They remind me of Moomins (mumintroll)


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