my flat on Charlotte Street

It’s time for me to leave  my cute little flat and lovely flatmate Karen on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia and the search for a new flatmate has begun. Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken and uploaded to the flatmate sites (plus some additional, more detailed photos just for this post)

the living room

photo (24)

The table in front of the sofa is from ikea but has a nice 60s touch to it. I found the other small, round table at the market on brick lane for £15! The painting is a van Gogh replica I made last year.



Various glass things that my parents have given me and candle from voluspa

my bedroom

photo (28)

photo (23)

photo (22)  the jewellery box is from Lombok and I got it from my friends for my birthday a couple of years ago. In the back is an amaazing body butter from laura mercier and the glass things are really cheap stuff from ikea

photo (30)

photo (26)  Tea for the Tillerman is one of my favourite albums so I got so happy when I found it in a candy/vinyl shop (interesting mix) in new york last year – but, it didn’t have the vinyl itself in it! But I got the cover for just $2 so now it just works as decoration (as do my other vinyls too though, until I get a player…)

The little glass bowl is from iittala.



photo (29)

photo (21)This chest of drawers is my grand mother’s and is one of my favourite at home. I’ve also got the painting from her and she told me that she bought it with my grand father at the flee market in Paris when they were younger.

The books are moleskin’s travel notebooks where you can write down your favourite places. I have one for London and one for Paris. But as with all that stuff, I think I should use them more.

So.. hopefully someone likes the place and would like to move in soon!


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