looking for vintage furniture

I’m looking for retro vintage furniture for the new flat. It’s a shame that most of it is so expensive, especially here in London.

I’ve found a very nice 60s dining table at Vintage Retro. It’s made in Denmark, designed by Hans Olsen and made by Frem Rojle in teak. The triangular chairs go in under the table so that it takes less space.

60s dining table

60s chair

60s dining table (2)

But it costs £800…

The furniture that I’ve found on Swedish sites is less expensive. But then again, I would need to transport it to London, which would be a hassle and cost more.

Like this Danish dining table from the 50s but at a Swedish site called Got2Get. It’s less than £500.

50s dining table

I’ve also seen these amazing chest of drawers / buffets

Arne Vodder

The above is made by Arne Vodder for Atelje Trä glas in Sweden in the 60s.


And I love this one above!

But they are also a bit expensive and I think I need to be lucky on ebay or maybe there’s a market somewhere outside London where you can find nice things to then refurbish.. If you know of anything, please let me know!



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3 responses to “looking for vintage furniture

  1. mehaddow

    Was walking in Herne Hill the other day and discovered Bleu – you might like it if you haven’t already visited! http://bleufurniture.com/index.html

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