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antiques shopping – camden passage in Angel

Camden passage is a great place for finding things for the home. On a slightly hidden little alley in Angel, there are market stalls, antique shops and concept stores.

Some of the shops and stalls are only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but other shops are open on other days, sometimes you need to ring the bell.

camden passage in angel


camden passage in angel


home & pantry - camden passage - angel lamp store in angel lamp store in angel

Graphic designer Lizzie Evans’ lifestyle store Smug with 50s and 60s furniture

smug - camden passage - angel

One of many antique stores..


There are also a couple of really nice cafés and restaurants for breaks, like to rather newly opened coffee works, which has a nice interior.

coffee works - angel


Coffee works - angel


coffee works - angel


the first Breakfast Club

IMG_2472 IMG_2473 IMG_2474



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a place for stories

I found a company that specialises in renting out locations for film or photo shoots and events. They have some amazing places for rent, like this house in Greenwich, London. It looks like no one has lived there in ages and that the place is in need of some restoration, but in a way, I also like that they haven’t. It’s a very romantic and almost sad interior, a perfect place for stories.


And how beautiful isn’t this little house in the garden?

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redoing 60s teak sideboard

My friend found this old 60s  sideboard on her street in Notting Hill. As she knows I like this style and she’s simply amazing, she asked if I wanted it and kept it in her hallway for ages until we picked it up after moving in. Thank you Lamia!

sideboard - after

But it clearly needed a refresh, this is how it looked like before the love:

sideboard - before


IMG_2433 IMG_2434

There are so many different ways of doing this, but this is how we did;


Steps to clean and polish teak furniture

1. Clean the old thing – this sideboard had probably not been cleaned since the 60s. I found that you can use 2/1 ratio of laundry detergent and water, which worked well. It took a lot of effort, but you could really see the difference after a while. In the picture below, the left side of the drawer is cleaned and the right side not. 


2. Rinse with clean water – you don’t want any soap on there. 

3. Sand with a fine grade of sandpaper – if you want to remove stains. Make sure to work in the direction of the timber grain.

4. Oil – buy a special teak oil, I found one in the local hardware shop. The oil is self-igniting so be careful with the cloths that have oil on them. 

See the difference of the wood with and without the oil:



It feels really good seeing such a difference between before & after! 


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the new flat

We moved into the new flat yesterday! Before all the boxes and furniture were moved in, I took some pictures of the empty flat and outside.

the house


kitchen kitchen with view to livingroom


kitchen and livingroom




bathroombathroom 2 

our bedroom

main bedroom

2nd bedroom


2nd bedroom

And here’s the floorplan:



We now have lots of boxes to unpack before it will look good.


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sofa update

I’ve found this one on

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Lusch

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Lusch

Looks kind of like the descartes from but for £900 instead of £1,600.

I also found this one on ebay:



Currently only £50 but with 3 days to go (no bids so far). Only problem is that it’s in Lichfield, north of Birmingham… I’ve found a delivery quote for a bit less than £100. If I’m lucky and no one else wants this sofa, this could be around £150 in total (probably a bit more, but still not £900).

I’m not planning on taking a trip to Lichfield to check it out (can think of other places I’d like to go), so I’m wondering whether it’s risky buying a used sofa on ebay that you’ve only seen in a picture?


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how to pick a sofa?

White/beige or dark…?

Before, I always liked white/beige sofas, like this one below


Bluebell from for £1,195…

But then I’ve really started to like more colourful interiors, so perhaps a colourful sofa?

Elle Decor Photographer Simon Upton Featured in French Flair in London Issue April 2010


Elle Decor Photographer William Waldron Designer Steven Gambrel Featured in Restorative Power Issue January 2009


Or a really dark one?

Elle Decor. Photographer Grey Crawford Designer. Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch. Homeowner Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor. Issue: July 2005.


Elle Decor suggests “shop the look” for the above article: Floating sofa by Edward Wormley for Dunbar for $9,500… Thank you for that advice elle decor.


Can velvet sofas be nice?

Elle Decor. Photographer: William Waldron. Designer: Steven Gambrel. Issue: March 2005


Elle Decor. Photographer: William Waldron. Designer: Philip Hooper. Issue: April 2005

I found this one on gumtree for £75

Vintage 2 seat sofa  Picture 2

But then thought that it might be a bit too girly…

But a dark velvet sofa is actually really nice, never thought I’d like that. But this one below is gorgeous.

The Milo Baughman sofa – elle decor – photographer eric piasecki


At they have this sofa called Descartes

Descartes from



Green Descartes

Do you think the Descartes sofa looks comfortable or is it too… square? also have the bluebell sofa in darker colours, and velvet:


Does it look more comfortable compared to:


If the Descartes is as comfortable, I think I would go for this last one, the “elephant pure cotton matt velvet” colour. What do you think?

Only problem is that it costs £1,695. hmm.
But at, who is “taking on the high street to offer you original furniture design at affordable price”, they have this Flynn sofa for £699
Flynn sofa -

Flynn sofa –

But maybe it looks too square and uncomfortable? and it doesn’t come in velvet…
Oh the sofa hunt continues…


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up-and-coming designer

My friend, the lovely designer Amanda Ames, has created this:

a light conversation white  copy lightconversation

“A Light Conversation” is a conceptual argument to the lost time of physical communication. It wants to tell the user to pick up the phone and communicate, and will indicate in light strength over a time lap of 5 days if you haven’t used it.

Amanda has a background in furniture design, product design, music and radio.

In 2011, she was involved in setting up Beijing’s first Design Center, Liang Dian, part of Beijing Design Week 2011. Her role was to design their entire identity and structure!

Liang Dian. Beijing Design Week 2011


As part of this she also made these amazing gift bags




Amanda: The idea was to interact the logo into a handle and also creating a window to hint the gifts inside. Since the bag was sponsored by the magazine; Casa Di Abitare, China, this was shown through the hole.

Check out her website: for more design!

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