a visit to the saatchi gallery

I went to the Saatchi gallery a couple of days ago and found some beautiful art, like these from Valery Koshlyakov. It’s tempera on cardboard boxes. The boxes make the picture pop out like 3D which I found really cool.

Valery Koshlyakov (3)

Valery Koshlyakov (4)

Valery Koshlyakov (2)

Valery Koshlyakov (1)



They also had an exhibition with Moscow art called Breaking the Ice, which I really liked and found some artists that I haven’t heard of before.


IMG_2298 Vladimir Nemukhin (2)

Vladimir Nemukhin

Vladimir Nemukhin (1)

Vladimir Nemukhin


Lydia Masterkova

Lydia Masterkova


Oskar Rabin - Tramway in Moscow

Oskar Rabin (similar to Soutine, I think, but with darker colours)


Fransisco Infante

Fransisco Infante


I found some of the art highly influenced by Andy Warhol, like these two below


Post art by Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid (1973)



Gorby by Alexander Kosolapov


I went to an exhibition at the Met in New York last autumn called Regarding Warhol. It included lots of Warhol’s art but also art from several other artists that he influenced.

Regarding Warhol

Like Warhol’s Marilyn paintings influenced several other artists to make celebrity portraits.

Turquoise Marilyn - Andy Warhol - 1964

Turquoise Marilyn by Warhol (1964)

Kate Moss - Banksy - 2005

Kate Moss by Banksy (2005)

Michelle O - Mickalene Thomas - 2008

Michelle O by Mickalene Thomas (2008)

Malcolm X - Glenn Ligon - 2001

Malcolm X by Glenn Ligon (2001)

and the Met could have included the one from Alexander Kosolapov of Gorbachev as well


The rusty Campbell soup painting by Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid could also have been included in the exhibition as it is clearly influenced by Warhol

Cheddar_Cheese - Andy Warhol Cheese soup by Warhol


The Gluckskliee installation by Thomas Bayrle (1969) and the Tesco Value soup by Banksy  (2004) were both included at the Met exhibition

Gluckskiee - Thomas Bayrle - 1969

Tesco Value Tomato Soup - Banksy - 2004


I enjoyed both the art from Koshlyakov on cardboard boxes and the Moscow art exhibition and would highly recommend going to the Saatchi gallery to check them out!


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