style for the new living room?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what style to have in the new apartment and I have been looking around for inspiration. I always know exactly how I want to decorate when I don’t have any space to decorate, but now when I do, I find it really hard! I’ve gone through my folders with downloaded pictures and I’ve browsed and several interior design blogs… but.. it’s just not completely right.

Take these pictures below as an example. I love this dark room. But can I have this style it in our flat? Probably not. The walls are light grey and the room is much smaller. Not really any space for that massive book case.

Elle Decor July 2005. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.


OK, so an example of a room I like with bright walls. The one below is so sweet, but again, it’s in elle decor (celebrity homes), so obviously a couple of more square metres than the flat we’re moving into. Can’t really say we got those high ceilings either.

Elle decor. Featured in Keri Russell at Home  Issue June 2011

Elle decor.  Featured in Keri Russell at Home  Issue June 2011 - 3

Elle Decor ‘Keri Russell at Home’ June 2011


Elle decor.  Featured in Restorative Power  Issue January 2009 - 2

Elle Decor ‘Restorative Power’ January 2009



London home by Rose Uniacke.


London home by Rose Uniacke.

Maybe when I have a massive house with high ceilings…

So then I thought, ‘these are interior design magazine homes, obviously the spaces will be grand and a bit different from what I can work with. Check some real homes.’ So I went to Swedish real estate agencies’ websites, one of my favourites is (you can find amazing flats there and I sometime spend hours browsing…). But all the apartments were so boring, cautious and modest!

ehm… I mean it’s not bad or ugly, it’s just so… uninspiring.

Don’t misunderstand me though, I like the bright scandi style too (when a more interesting touch is added to it), but maybe more for a summer house.. like this:

Anyway, so I keep on looking through my interior design folders (they take up some space on my laptop) and browsing the internet for something that is more suitable for the new flat. And I find these ones below: 2009-02-interior-designer-frederic-mechiches

Interior designer Frederic Mechiche’s apartment in Paris. Kikkette’s blog.

I just love all the books and the bright-mixed-with-black look.

flat from

This is a bit too white in my opinion, but I like the 60s furniture. Although another way of decorating with 60s furniture can be seen below, and is not too white, maybe just not very cosy..

Elle decor. Designer Peter Frank  Featured in  Time Traveler  Issue July 2008

Elle decor. Designer Peter Frank. ‘Time Traveler’ July 2008


This room is cosier in that case, I think it’s because of the darker colours and the fact there’s more stuff.

Elle decor. Photographer Simon Upton  Designer Nate Berkus  Featured in Brian Atwood and Nate Berkus at Home in Milan  Issue April 2009

Elle decor. Designer Nate Berkus. ‘Brian Atwood and Nate Berkus at Home in Milan’ April 2009

One of my absolute favourite pictures of a room:

Elle Decor March 2010. Photographer William Waldron  Designer Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle  Featured in An All-Star Makeover

Elle Decor. Designer Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle ‘An All-Star Makeover’ March 2010.

This one below is almost exactly the style I want, so it’s a shame I haven’t been able to find more pictures of this home, can’t even remember where I found this one.

poster on wall


Oh and then I found this living room below, which is so nice!

New York Loft Design - Len Morgan - ELLE DECOR

Elle Decor. Made to measure: A loft apartment by Len Morgan.


Text from elledecor: In the living area of a Manhattan apartment designed by Len Morgan, an Axel Vervoordt sofa, a Philippe Starck chair, and an antique English stool surround a cocktail table by Philip and Kelvin LaVerne. The 1957 shelving unit is by Franco Albini, the painting is by George de Forest Brush, and the armchair is by Josef Frank; 18th–century Chinese stools serve as a cocktail table, and the rug is Indian. 


The two pictures below are from Vogue, Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard’s home in Brooklyn. The home has such a beautiful romantic vintage feel.

Vogue. Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard’s home in Brooklyn

Vogue. Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard’s home in Brooklyn. Bathroom.

Vogue, Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard’s home in Brooklyn


None of these are perfect, a mix of all of them would be. But from going through these many pictures that I’ve done lately, I think I can draw some conclusions. I think the new living room should:

  • not be too white ( I can’t do anything about the walls at the moment, but I will try to add dark wood furniture, maybe even inject some black, and perhaps a dark sofa?)
  • have at least one wall with lots of pictures hanging asymmetrically with different frames (I have always loved this and it will also add some colour to the room)
  • be furnished with some old vintage furniture (we have already found some! to be revealed in later post)
  • have large bookcases with lots of books (no problem there, I have loads)

I can’t wait to move in and start this project!



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2 responses to “style for the new living room?

  1. The way books are stacked is amazing…. Had it been done differently it would have looked like a book store..Thank god you came out to be innovative…

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