up-and-coming designer

My friend, the lovely designer Amanda Ames, has created this:

a light conversation white  copy lightconversation

“A Light Conversation” is a conceptual argument to the lost time of physical communication. It wants to tell the user to pick up the phone and communicate, and will indicate in light strength over a time lap of 5 days if you haven’t used it.

Amanda has a background in furniture design, product design, music and radio.

In 2011, she was involved in setting up Beijing’s first Design Center, Liang Dian, part of Beijing Design Week 2011. Her role was to design their entire identity and structure!

Liang Dian. Beijing Design Week 2011


As part of this she also made these amazing gift bags




Amanda: The idea was to interact the logo into a handle and also creating a window to hint the gifts inside. Since the bag was sponsored by the magazine; Casa Di Abitare, China, this was shown through the hole.

Check out her website: amandaames.com for more design!


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