redoing 60s teak sideboard

My friend found this old 60s  sideboard on her street in Notting Hill. As she knows I like this style and she’s simply amazing, she asked if I wanted it and kept it in her hallway for ages until we picked it up after moving in. Thank you Lamia!

sideboard - after

But it clearly needed a refresh, this is how it looked like before the love:

sideboard - before


IMG_2433 IMG_2434

There are so many different ways of doing this, but this is how we did;


Steps to clean and polish teak furniture

1. Clean the old thing – this sideboard had probably not been cleaned since the 60s. I found that you can use 2/1 ratio of laundry detergent and water, which worked well. It took a lot of effort, but you could really see the difference after a while. In the picture below, the left side of the drawer is cleaned and the right side not. 


2. Rinse with clean water – you don’t want any soap on there. 

3. Sand with a fine grade of sandpaper – if you want to remove stains. Make sure to work in the direction of the timber grain.

4. Oil – buy a special teak oil, I found one in the local hardware shop. The oil is self-igniting so be careful with the cloths that have oil on them. 

See the difference of the wood with and without the oil:



It feels really good seeing such a difference between before & after! 



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4 responses to “redoing 60s teak sideboard

  1. Anders

    Amazing! It sure looks great. But I gather that it also took a lot of effort.

  2. Fantastiskt jobb och vilken skillnad

  3. Sideboard heter den här möbeln hemma i Sverige, tror jag.

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