that rug really tied the room together

I’ve been absorbed by looking for the perfect rug lately. It will really tie the room together 😉

There are so many different to choose from…

Oriental & Kilim rugs


Kilim rug (back) and oriental rug (front)

picture found here

‘A Los Angeles Apartment with Bohemian Decorating Style’ – HouseBeautiful

‘A Los Angeles Apartment with Bohemian Decorating Style’ – HouseBeautiful

Kilim rug


Freunde von Freunden – Johanna Burke

the shootfactory

Black rug found at

Another black oriental rug found at


Overdyed rugs

Some really beautiful are the overdyed oriental ones. The rug below are from the Color Reform collection at ABC Carpet.

ABC Carpet Color Reform Green Rug

Color Reform 12'0"x14'7"Color Reform 8'11"x12'3"Color Reform 9'9"x13'7"

Color Reform 8'10"x11'5"Color Reform 11'9"15'1"Color Reform 5'8"x8'6"

Color Reform 4'10"x6'9"Color Reform 12'0"x17'4"Color Reform 8'11"x11'4"

ABC Carpet made a beautiful ad campaignfor their Color Reform Spectrum Collection, shot be Jason Madara

ABC Carpet

Pictures from here

I’ve also seen this type of overdyed carpets at other places, like these:

Afghan Natural matta 228x159

Afghan Natural – Carpet Vista


Overdyed Vintage rug from

Empire Wool Kilim from West Elm

Empire Wool Kilim Rug from West Elm


Patchwork Rugs

Then there’s the patchwork rugs

Aydin Wool Rug

Aydin Wool Rug – Patchwork – West Elm patchwork


Natural (Jute) Rugs

Rug in Wool Malabar Slate – The Natural Rug Company

Jute Bouclé Rug – Flax – West Elm

Jute Bouclé Rug – Platinum – West Elm

Jute Bouclé Rug – Ivory – West Elm


Vintage Jute – Dasaninteriors



Jambo Jute –

Graphics & natural

Zigzag Wool Rug – Espresso – West Elm

elle decor modern life concept house shot by jamie beck for sacramento street

Very graphic – urbanoutfitters

Kite Wool Kilim – West Elm

SOLRÖD Matta, slätvävd IKEA Den här mattan är perfekt att använda utomhus eftersom den är vattenavvisande och lätt att sköta.



VÄRUM Matta, slätvävd IKEA Den här mattan har en jämn yta som är lätt att dammsuga, därför är den idealisk i ditt vardagsrum eller under ditt matbord.


Square Tile Block-Printed Cotton Dhurrie – West Elm





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7 responses to “that rug really tied the room together

  1. Great, great, great post, Emelie! I am a huuuge fan of oriental rugs so it is like a present for me 🙂 You found same amazing rugs! It’s interesting to see now a trend for overdyed rugs – they actually appeared in the XIX century as a result of synthetic dyes invention. At that time artificial dyes were really weak and after few years all colours just melted together which created a very interesting look though. This also explains the unusual palette – these kind of rugs usually were coloured in bright pink, emerald, purple, orange – colours which couldn’t be achieved with natural colorants. Once again, thank you!

    • em

      Thank you =) I didn’t know that about the overdyed rugs, very interesting, thanks for sharing! I just had an oriental rug delivered today, so there will be a picture of it up soon!

      • Oh really? In which country is it made? Will be very interesting to see the picture. I also ordered a custom oriental rug which they are weaving at the moment and will be ready by end of March- can’t wait to see it in my room (I will post picture too). We sell handmade oriental rugs in our boutique – so it is our passion 🙂

  2. That first room is so rustic, but pulled together. I love it! It feels like there are all these stories there, waiting to be written…

  3. Decisions decisions! Overdyed rugs are very pretty but I love the geometric, Scandinavian ones the most. great images Em. Have a nice Easter break Mon

  4. a great round up! i just adore those geometric ones 🙂 glad to have discovered your blog. J

  5. Reblogged this on recycled interiors- homes with heart and commented:
    Beautiful perfect rugs and so many vintage ones to choose from 🙂

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