The 50s interior design trend

Trends come and go but one interior design trend that doesn’t seem to let go at all is the mid century, 50s design. People scan vintage stores for sideboards, teak tables and vinyl chairs, pay extreme amounts for an Arne Jacobsen piece, there are tons of reproductions and a lot of our new furniture is inspired by the 50s, for example Ikea’s Stockholm Spring 2013 collection.

Second world war had just ended, the future was bright and focus was on family and home. People wanted new furniture with modern, sleek design. They wanted colours and patterns. Houses were smaller than before the war which meant furniture needed to be more practical. Stack-able chairs and smart storage were introduced.

elle decor – restorative power

50s teak sideboard. Source:

50s dining table. Source: bo-laget

The string system designed by Nils Strinning 

Stringhyllan. Source: ninnisvintage.blogspot

string plex - shelves and cabinets in white, wall panels in clear perspex

String plex. Source:

Kitchenware from Sting Lindberg

Sting Lindberg, Gustavsberg. Source: press pic from Gustavsberg

Gustavsberg. Source: press pic from Gustavsberg

Print wallpaper

50s printed wallpaper. Source: eco boras tapeter

Fitted kitchen

Fitted 50s kitchen. Source: kvanum kitchens

Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen – Series 7 – Source: Fritz Hansen

The egg chair – arne jacobsen – Source:

Ikea Stockholm

Ikea Stockholm Spring 2013 Collcetion. Source:


Ikea Stockholm Spring 2013 Collcetion. Source:

The style in bullets:

  • open plan
  • fitted kitchens
  • stacking furniture
  • new materials – PVC, Formica, fibreglass, rubber, melamine, aluminium, vinyl, plastics
  • abstract, geometric patterns
  • animal and nature prints
  • smart storage
  • pastel colours
  • bright colours

Check out how I renovated a teak sideboard here and the 50s dining table we recently bought here.


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  1. What’s old is new again!

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