swedish summer houses

Salunda, Ulricehamn (hemnet.se)

Today it’s the Swedish midsummer! If you’re Swedish and in London, you don’t get this day off though (!) so all London Swedes celebrate this big occasion tomorrow instead. We’ll have flowers in our hair, dance around the may pole as little frogs, eat pickled herring, sing silly songs and drink copious amounts of snaps in Southwark Park. Join us! (see pictures from last year’s midsummer further down)

Because of this typically Swedish summer pagan tradition, I thought I’d make a post on Swedish summer cottages!
Most of these pictures below are from a wonderful blog called ‘my scandinavian home‘. Check it out for more Scandi inspiration.

This house is from that blog, pictures originally from Stadshem.



This house is in Skåne, Österlen. Originally in Hus o Hem, photography: Karin Foberg








Hus o Hem, photography: Karin Foberg


Check this page from Skona Hem out to see Swedish summer houses that are for sale, like these ones below.

Vevda, Sala (hemnet)

Vinala, Hallsberg (hemnet)

Last year’s midsummer:

last year’s midsummer

last year’s midsummer

me – last year’s midsummer


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