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Roof windows in a loft space

Lofts with roof windows are incredibly beautiful, it makes the space so much brighter and more airy. It opens up the house to the sky above and lets you see the sun, rain, clouds and stars.

I’ve recently come across these pictures of beautiful loft spaces with amazing windows..


NY Times real estate


And it looks pretty from the outside too

Slim House by Alma-nac Slim House by Alma-nac

Not only beautiful, they can also make you save energy as they let the daylight in which means you don’t have to turn the lights on and if it’s sunny the room gets warmer.

VELUX windows

The pictures above are from a company called VELUX® who does these types of pitched roof windows. They also do the flat roof windows that you can have over your bed or bath tub so you can watch the stars while lying down or having a bath…

And if you worry about it being too bright with these windows in for example the bedroom, they have blackout blinds too. I’ve even seen that they have some kind of blinds that have an insulation effect to keep  you warm on cold winter nights: VELUX blinds.

VELUX windows

This post is sponsored by VELUX

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Creating the brand for a vintage furniture e-retailer

This year, I’ve been working together with my brother on his vintage furniture company that he started. I’ve been helping out with brand strategy, marketing and keeping the pinterest and facebook accounts up-to-date, events and so on.

Creating the brand was extremely exciting with everything from values, mission, naming to logo and other visuals. This is the logo that we created with our graphic designer:

The text below is the “about gRetro” text that I wrote for the website. I wrote it as if my brother wrote it himself though! (Original text in Swedish here)

About gRetro
gRetro was founded by myself, Gustav Jansater, in the early spring of 2013 with the aim to make use of old things. We sell “stuff” that some people are tired of but in a new home can create that personal touch that brand new purchases just can’t.

They say that 2013 is the year when we start looking at our old things in a new light, the year we start recycling “old junk”. Young people have already started looking for gems in containers and attics and hopefully this is the year when the expression “throw-away society” ceases to exist and is replaced by “recycling society”. gRetro is a company that wants to contribute to this.

gRetro can help you create your own unique home, something truly special with your own personal style, thanks to a great range of products such as furniture, textiles, art, lights and homeware.

The name gRetro comes from adding the letter G to the word retro. G as in my name Gustav, but also as in my granny Greta, who together with grandpa Nils drove down to the flea markets in France during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and brought back antiques and old treasures to renovate. They have passed on this passion for old furniture and making use of old stuff to me and to my whole family.

And then retro, from retrospective – looking back at what has already been. Objects from another era… Gustav, Greta and Retro – gRetro!

Check out the gRetro website here, unfortunately we just ship within Scandinavia at the moment and the website is still only available in Swedish. But there are lots of pictures that tell more than words!

gRetro’s pinterest

Retro & Vintage inspiration

colorized phozo of Susan Peters atop her Monark bicycle, 1943     Ofelias Hus - Lantlig - Shabby Chic - Vintage Inredning när den är som bäst.

#vintage #interior #inredning #skrivmaskin #typewriter    kaffe med macarons

Steven Meisels for Vogue 2007    via. Emmas Vintage

Free Vintage 1930s 2-Piece Suit Knitting Pattern and Tutorial    a cute little corner in a kitchen. kök i vintage

Awesome way to turn your office into a mid century oasis.      åpent hus: Svensk stilmiks i byen /Swedish retro city apartment. Retro hallmöbel

Vintage retro furniture and salon style wall art. retro sidobord

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Autumn decoration ideas for the home

The other weekend we went to the farmers’ market in Forest Hill and got lots of vegetables, cheese and fish. Perfect for weekend dinners.

I also got two mini pumpkins which are currently used as table decoration. I think it makes the kitchen look very autumnal.

fall table decoration pumpkins

Autumn table decoration

farmers market autumn

What we got from the farmers’ market

Other inspirational decoration for this season: 

Natural Wreath - Twiggy Green Symphony - with Chestnuts, Evergreen Cones, Cherry Branches & Millet

Automnal wreath –


Pine cone garland –

Chestnut decorated candles –

candle holders with leaves – the alternative bride tumblr

I prefer the simple decorations to some of the many tacky and over the top fall decorations I’ve come across when looking for ideas.


Other amazing autumn pictures:


Fall Leaves

Autumn Squash and Apple Soup Recipe


Woodland Rustic Whimsical Tree Photo

Autumn in London




sources in urls

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Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

Today’s guest post has been put together by Nicholas Anthony, designer kitchen specialists, but they are passionate about every room in the house and have written some of their best ideas for getting the most out of a small bathroom. I have a small bathroom myself and find these tips great. Living in a rented flat I am happy that our landlord seemed to think about these things and chose natural shades and simple fixtures .

small bathroom beige

my bathroom 

See below the guest post for more pictures of my bathroom.


5 tips from Nicholas Anthony on how to make the most out of a small bathroom

Having a small bathroom can prove tricky when it comes to interior design. Fitting everything in whilst still having room to stand is a task all of its own…and creating a stunning, stylish appearance is even harder. However thankfully there are dozens of ways to combine style with practicality, meaning small bathrooms don’t have to be squashed, dull and dreary.

Here are five great ways to make the most of a smaller space. If you want your bathroom to go from this:

to this:

follow these tips!


Use Soft, Neutral Shades

Using soft, neutral shades will instantly create the illusion of a larger and lighter space. Whilst white is the ideal colour to use, those who fear it may be hard to keep clean may sway more towards beige or peach tones. Homeowners can use slightly varied hues to create a stylish, contemporary appeal. Light wooden cabinets will beautifully complement a monochromatic colour theme, setting a sophisticated and spacious tone.

Keep Fixtures Simple and Stylish

Available in an array of sizes, fixtures don’t have to be big to be beautiful. Small, slight fixtures can look equally as stylish and will save that all important room. A quaint bathtub or dainty sink will make for a cosy and intimate area, giving the home that classic, cottage appeal. A great way to save on room, practical and compact units will also stop the bathroom from looking overcrowded. For instance, a joint shower and bathtub will mean homeowners can have the best of both worlds without style and design being compromised.

Maximise Space with Mirrors

What better way to maximise space than to use mirrors? A bathroom necessity, mirrors can serve a multifunctional purpose in a small bathroom. As well as being a practical, must-have feature, mirrors will reflect light and space, meaning the room appears larger and more luxurious. Having mirrors on front and back walls will extend the appearance of space, and make for a modern and magnificent home.

Keep it Well-Lit throughout the Day

How bright the bathroom is will make all the difference between appearing large or small. Making sure the room is well-lit will immediately make it seem more spacious. Innovative and creative lighting such as curvy lamp-stands and dazzling spotlights are bound to make for an eye-catching and extraordinary appearance. Providing the room with as much natural light as possible and using reflective surfaces such as glass cabinets or a glass shower enclosure, will create a striking and stunning space.

Accentuate Floor Space

Thinking about floor space is essential when it comes to small bathrooms. Ensuring the floor is neat and tidy will play a large part in setting the overall ambience and appearance of the room. Keeping extra items such as bins and towel-racks to a minimum is a must. Homeowners should try to maximise space by using features such as hanging towel-racks, which can be located neatly on the back of bathroom doors. Shelves which can be fixed to walls will likewise save space and make for a bigger, lighter room.

Using tiles or wooden flooring is also a fantastic way to accentuate floor space. Large, simple tiles, will give the room a more spacious mood, whilst wooden flooring will create a cosy, log-cabin feel. Lighter colours will undoubtedly optimise the room and make for a stunning and superb atmosphere.


These five excellent ways to make the most out of a small bathroom are just a few of many tips available. From accentuating floor space to using small but stylish fixtures, there is an array of spectacular ways to create a striking bathroom. With so many great ideas out there, small bathrooms definitely don’t have to be boring!

Image credits: Martin Cathrae and The Eggplant



More pictures of my bathroom:

photo 3


photo 4

photo 2

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