Roof windows in a loft space

Lofts with roof windows are incredibly beautiful, it makes the space so much brighter and more airy. It opens up the house to the sky above and lets you see the sun, rain, clouds and stars.

I’ve recently come across these pictures of beautiful loft spaces with amazing windows..


NY Times real estate


And it looks pretty from the outside too

Slim House by Alma-nac Slim House by Alma-nac

Not only beautiful, they can also make you save energy as they let the daylight in which means you don’t have to turn the lights on and if it’s sunny the room gets warmer.

VELUX windows

The pictures above are from a company called VELUX® who does these types of pitched roof windows. They also do the flat roof windows that you can have over your bed or bath tub so you can watch the stars while lying down or having a bath…

And if you worry about it being too bright with these windows in for example the bedroom, they have blackout blinds too. I’ve even seen that they have some kind of blinds that have an insulation effect to keep  you warm on cold winter nights: VELUX blinds.

VELUX windows

This post is sponsored by VELUX

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