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a visit to Tate Modern – Transformed Visions

I recently visited Tate Modern and I really like the Transformed Visons part with lots of expressive abstract art, which I love.


Lee Krasner, Gothic landscape



Jackson Pollock, Yellow islands



L N Souza, Cruzifixion

Inspiration for Basquiat?



Leon Kossoff, Man in a wheelchair


The paint in the Kossoff painting is so thick, here are some close ups


Leon Kossoff, Man in a wheelchair – close up


Leon Kossoff, Man in a wheelchair – close up


Leon Kossoff, Man in a wheelchair – close up


Joan Mitchell, Number 12


There is also a whole room with Gerhard Richter’s six Cage paintings


Gerhard Richter, the six Cage paintings


Gerhard Richter, the six Cage paintings


Gerhard Richter, the six Cage paintings


Gerhard Richter, the six Cage paintings


Gerhard Richter, the six Cage paintings


Gerhard Richter, the six Cage paintings

“Richter’s monumental Cage paintings were completed in 2006 and first exhibited at the 2007 Venice Biennale. Like his earlier squeegee abstractions, they are the outcome of several layers of painting and erasure. Their surfaces are animated by lines where the squeegee has paused, by brushstrokes, other scrapings, and areas where the skin of oil paint has dried and rippled.Richter was listening to the music of John Cage while he worked on these paintings and titled them after the composer.” (text source)


I’d recommend a trip!

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sydenham arts festival

This Friday is the first day of the two week long Sydenham Arts Festival. It’s a festival with more than 90 events – music, visual arts, theatre, dance, film and much more – in our local neighbourhood, Sydenham and Forest Hill in south London. For the past couple of months I’ve been helping out with the marketing, which has been lots of fun.

If you’re in London between 29 June – 14 July, check out the website: for full programme and more information about the events. There’s something for everyone!

I love this area we live in, there’s so many things going on and interesting people who live here. The Sydenham Arts Festival is a community based initiative that was launched in 2009. It grew out of the large community of artists, musicians, actors, writers, singers and poets who live in the Sydenham and Forest Hill area. The aims of the festival are to celebrate the diversity and quality of artistic achievement in the area and beyond, and to bring the community together.

I’m going to buy tickets to La Boheme, which is on 10 July. And then I don’t want to miss Dick Gaughan’s Agit Folk (5 July), the street celebrations on 6 July. I’m helping out on the Sydenham Unsigned music event at the Hob on the 3 July and at the Colors of India event on 11 July which I think will be amazing. Oh and there’s also Irish music night, Balalaika, 21st century folk night, Arts trail where you get to visit artists’ studios or home, BAFTA short films screening, and much much more. Let me know if you’re coming!


Colors of India main pic Le Boheme

Dick Gaughan colour alternative front cover final image 130409

Sydanham Unsigned BAFTA short films 3



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I found this ABSOLUT vodka bottle in the store the other day and had to have it! ABSOLUT makes a lot of different and fun designs for their bottles and I really like this idea with ‘one of a million uniquely designed’ ones. Look at the video below for how they do it.

absolut vodka unique

absolut vodka unique

Some of the other 4 million bottles:


They “set up splash guns and color-generating machines, and developed an algorithm that places individual patterns on top of a specially-applied coat of paint, allowing for a nearly endless sequence of combinations from 35 colors and 51 patterns”.

Seems like a fun project to be part of

videos from 


Gunnar Broman and Hans Brindfors designed the original ABSOLUT bottle in 1979.  Since then, it has become an extremely well-known design. Many creators have made their mark on it, starting with Andy Warhol painting the first art ad for ABSOLUT, and continued by artists such as Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Louise Bourgeois.

Absolut Warhol


Apparently, the entire collection is now gathered in Sweden where it will get its permanent home at the new Historical Museum of Wine and Spirits!


I also like this design, by Dave Kinsey



mmm and I really want to try this one with hibiscus and pomegranate flavour…

100 cl packshot


look, another pomegranate in the background 🙂

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this weekend has consisted of unexpected artsy launch party in Dulwich, dinner with friends and open art studios on Havelock Walk in Forest Hill. 

We didn’t know the launch party was going to be a big house with painted street art, lots of people, free cocktails and amazing garden with lots of art. Good surprise. 

art launch party Dulwich


IMG_3143 IMG_3145 IMG_3147 IMG_3149 IMG_3150 IMG_3151 IMG_3152 IMG_3153 IMG_3154 IMG_3155 IMG_3156 IMG_3157


Dinner Saturday night at our place

set table


Havelock Walk open art studios


Havelock walk havelock walk




good weekend

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a visit to the saatchi gallery

I went to the Saatchi gallery a couple of days ago and found some beautiful art, like these from Valery Koshlyakov. It’s tempera on cardboard boxes. The boxes make the picture pop out like 3D which I found really cool.

Valery Koshlyakov (3)

Valery Koshlyakov (4)

Valery Koshlyakov (2)

Valery Koshlyakov (1)



They also had an exhibition with Moscow art called Breaking the Ice, which I really liked and found some artists that I haven’t heard of before.


IMG_2298 Vladimir Nemukhin (2)

Vladimir Nemukhin

Vladimir Nemukhin (1)

Vladimir Nemukhin


Lydia Masterkova

Lydia Masterkova


Oskar Rabin - Tramway in Moscow

Oskar Rabin (similar to Soutine, I think, but with darker colours)


Fransisco Infante

Fransisco Infante


I found some of the art highly influenced by Andy Warhol, like these two below


Post art by Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid (1973)



Gorby by Alexander Kosolapov


I went to an exhibition at the Met in New York last autumn called Regarding Warhol. It included lots of Warhol’s art but also art from several other artists that he influenced.

Regarding Warhol

Like Warhol’s Marilyn paintings influenced several other artists to make celebrity portraits.

Turquoise Marilyn - Andy Warhol - 1964

Turquoise Marilyn by Warhol (1964)

Kate Moss - Banksy - 2005

Kate Moss by Banksy (2005)

Michelle O - Mickalene Thomas - 2008

Michelle O by Mickalene Thomas (2008)

Malcolm X - Glenn Ligon - 2001

Malcolm X by Glenn Ligon (2001)

and the Met could have included the one from Alexander Kosolapov of Gorbachev as well


The rusty Campbell soup painting by Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid could also have been included in the exhibition as it is clearly influenced by Warhol

Cheddar_Cheese - Andy Warhol Cheese soup by Warhol


The Gluckskliee installation by Thomas Bayrle (1969) and the Tesco Value soup by Banksy  (2004) were both included at the Met exhibition

Gluckskiee - Thomas Bayrle - 1969

Tesco Value Tomato Soup - Banksy - 2004


I enjoyed both the art from Koshlyakov on cardboard boxes and the Moscow art exhibition and would highly recommend going to the Saatchi gallery to check them out!

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close ups from the met

Something from the Met’s incredible collection…

Monet close up



Reigl close up


van Gogh close up


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