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the Future at the Design Museum

Last weekend I went to the Design Museum by Tower Bridge as they had an exhibition called ‘the future is here: the new industrial revolution’

We are in the midst of a transformation in the way we design, make and use the objects that we depend on. It is a transformation that will affect commerce, industry, and the way that we all live as profoundly as any previous Industrial Revolution. The exhibition explores how the boundaries between designer, manufacturer and consumer are becoming increasingly blurred. 

Topics such as open source design, customisation, crowd-funding, 3D printing, local manufacturing are scratched upon, the central theme being the democratisation of design and production.

It suggests that consumers want to be more involved in designing the products they use, everything from their sofas to lemon squeezers and brings up examples such as ikea hackers,’s corwd-source design competition (more on this in next post) and adidas customised sneakers. When it comes to furniture, I certainly would like more of an input for certain objects (wouldn’t it be amazing to decide exactly how long you want the dining table depending on your dining room or kitchen? or draw up a sofa and have it made exactly how you pictured it in your mind?) but I really don’t have the interest of designing my own lemon squeezer. Also, I might not be representative in this question as I’m a bit obsessed with furniture and home decoration.  But can everyone be a designer? Would consumers value this? And to what price?

An interesting aspect is how smaller companies can benefit from these changes. Vitamins, a design studio in Shoreditch uses open-source electronics to design ideas and then quickly churn out a prototype. Check out their website here.

The exhibition poses a lot of questions and I don’t walk out with a clearer view of the future at all. But at least with some interesting thoughts and ideas!

the future is here - design museum

3D printed objects

3D printed objects


The Femur stool by Assa Ashuach

The Femur stool by Assa Ashuach

The Femur stool is digitally designed and manufactured. The form is generated using an algorithm based on the weight and proportions of a particular user.

the future is here - design museum crowd-funding competition with 3D printed prototypes crowd-sourcingcompetition - the final sofa crowd-sourcingcompetition – the final sofa


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A chandelier that turns the room into a forest


Created by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, Forms of Nature chandelier  “is a artwork with a light source surrounded by a dense and unruly tree and root system created in minature sculpture. The forest is mirrored around it’s horizontal central axis and forms a circle 360 degrees around the light source and thereby leads one onto the notion of a real world versus an underworld”. Spooky!





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Save the Children Design

My friend in Sweden showed me that the Swedish Save the Children (Radda Barnen) has a design shop with very beautiful things. I don’t know if the UK arm has something similar, my quick research didn’t find anything, but I think it’s a great idea that more non-profit organisations should adopt. Famous and/or upcoming designers and profits to children in need – perfect.



Design:Studio Snowpuppe


Design: Kajsa Cramer


Design: Kajsa Cramer


Illustration: Localgraphics

I love this print! It’s my home town too so I would really want to have one.


Design: Finnsdottir Design


All to be found on



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saturday afternoon with wine, chocolate, kitten and pinterest

After a really though week at work and then a bit dramatic Saturday morning, I don’t feel like doing anything else than mindless pinterest browsing. With accompanying wine, chocolate and kitten cuddling.

Here are some pictures that caught my eye on pinterest today.

Debra Cronin David Woolley Elle Decoration

Debra Cronin David Woolley Elle Decoration


Miles Redd's bookshelf

Miles Redd’s bookshelf –

The Little Corner

No idea where from, apart from here:


Advertising - Denise Grünstein - CameraLINK

Advertising – Denise Grünstein – CameraLINK

Isn’t the one above absolutely amazing? It’s by Denise Grünstein, and there are so many other beautiful photos by her that I found but I’m not sure I’m actually allowed to put them here on the blog (but one won’t hurt if I link to her agency, right..?) There are more here: cameralink, and you just have to check them out.

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I found this ABSOLUT vodka bottle in the store the other day and had to have it! ABSOLUT makes a lot of different and fun designs for their bottles and I really like this idea with ‘one of a million uniquely designed’ ones. Look at the video below for how they do it.

absolut vodka unique

absolut vodka unique

Some of the other 4 million bottles:


They “set up splash guns and color-generating machines, and developed an algorithm that places individual patterns on top of a specially-applied coat of paint, allowing for a nearly endless sequence of combinations from 35 colors and 51 patterns”.

Seems like a fun project to be part of

videos from 


Gunnar Broman and Hans Brindfors designed the original ABSOLUT bottle in 1979.  Since then, it has become an extremely well-known design. Many creators have made their mark on it, starting with Andy Warhol painting the first art ad for ABSOLUT, and continued by artists such as Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Louise Bourgeois.

Absolut Warhol


Apparently, the entire collection is now gathered in Sweden where it will get its permanent home at the new Historical Museum of Wine and Spirits!


I also like this design, by Dave Kinsey



mmm and I really want to try this one with hibiscus and pomegranate flavour…

100 cl packshot


look, another pomegranate in the background 🙂

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vintage treasures from paris

I went to Paris last weekend with two friends and it was just wonderful. The weather was amazing and we walked around in the sun, sat down at cafés and bars every now and then and just relaxed.

paris collage

On Sunday we went to a flea market close to Porte de Vanves. I’ve never been there before, only to Porte de Clignancourt, but the market in Porte de Vanves is much smaller so that you can actually manage to find your way through it and it has lots of smaller vintage things for the home. They say it’s not as expensive as Clignancourt and I guess it wasn’t but it doesn’t mean it was cheap either. Although I did find some things to a really good price too. These are my vintage treasures from le marché aux puces de Vanves that I’ve now placed in my home…

Vase  a vase

glass jar

this glass jar

old perfume bottle

old perfume bottle

old perfume bottle old perfume bottle  caraffe    a decanter

small silver spoon  a tiny silver spoon

small silver spoon



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British textile design – my monthly dose of knowledge

I have this V&A calendar at home that is both filled with beautiful pictures and some great information. Every month I learn something new about British textile design =)

British textile design calendar from V&A

Calendar from V&A


My V&A calendar

My calendar by the kitchen window


This month has this pattern called Urne from Pansa Studios and you can read about the design below.

Urne by Pansa Studios for Sanderson Fabrics

Urne by Pansa Studios for Sanderson Fabrics


Urne by Pansa Studios

Urne by Pansa Studios



January and Fabruary had these two

Viterbo by Walter Matysiak for Sanderson Fabrics

Viterbo by Walter Matysiak for Sanderson Fabrics


Viterbo by Walter Matysiak for Sanderson Fabrics

January – Viterbo by Walter Matysiak


Pheasant by Gayonnes Ltd

Pheasant by Gayonnes Ltd


Pheasant by Gayonnes Ltd

February – Pheasant by Gayonnes



From now on I will share this little textile design knowledge with you on the blog in the beginning of each month!


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