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modern mid-century apartment

I came across this incredibly beautiful apartment the other day. It’s in Stockholm and belongs to the prop stylist Joanna Lavén. I love the modern mid-century style with a  Scandinavian touch.

hallway, mid-century


modern mid-century living room mid century stockholm apartment



mid-century bar table

mid-century stylish kitchen



mid-century apartment - bedroom

If I could choose one apartment to move to right now, it would be this one!

http://www.agentmolly.com , http://www.linkdeco.se, Photographs: Idha Lindhag

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Creating the brand for a vintage furniture e-retailer

This year, I’ve been working together with my brother on his vintage furniture company that he started. I’ve been helping out with brand strategy, marketing and keeping the pinterest and facebook accounts up-to-date, events and so on.

Creating the brand was extremely exciting with everything from values, mission, naming to logo and other visuals. This is the logo that we created with our graphic designer:

The text below is the “about gRetro” text that I wrote for the website. I wrote it as if my brother wrote it himself though! (Original text in Swedish here)

About gRetro
gRetro was founded by myself, Gustav Jansater, in the early spring of 2013 with the aim to make use of old things. We sell “stuff” that some people are tired of but in a new home can create that personal touch that brand new purchases just can’t.

They say that 2013 is the year when we start looking at our old things in a new light, the year we start recycling “old junk”. Young people have already started looking for gems in containers and attics and hopefully this is the year when the expression “throw-away society” ceases to exist and is replaced by “recycling society”. gRetro is a company that wants to contribute to this.

gRetro can help you create your own unique home, something truly special with your own personal style, thanks to a great range of products such as furniture, textiles, art, lights and homeware.

The name gRetro comes from adding the letter G to the word retro. G as in my name Gustav, but also as in my granny Greta, who together with grandpa Nils drove down to the flea markets in France during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and brought back antiques and old treasures to renovate. They have passed on this passion for old furniture and making use of old stuff to me and to my whole family.

And then retro, from retrospective – looking back at what has already been. Objects from another era… Gustav, Greta and Retro – gRetro!

Check out the gRetro website here, unfortunately we just ship within Scandinavia at the moment and the website is still only available in Swedish. But there are lots of pictures that tell more than words!

gRetro’s pinterest

Retro & Vintage inspiration

colorized phozo of Susan Peters atop her Monark bicycle, 1943     Ofelias Hus - Lantlig - Shabby Chic - Vintage Inredning när den är som bäst.

#vintage #interior #inredning #skrivmaskin #typewriter    kaffe med macarons

Steven Meisels for Vogue 2007    via. Emmas Vintage

Free Vintage 1930s 2-Piece Suit Knitting Pattern and Tutorial    a cute little corner in a kitchen. kök i vintage

Awesome way to turn your office into a mid century oasis.      åpent hus: Svensk stilmiks i byen /Swedish retro city apartment. Retro hallmöbel

Vintage retro furniture and salon style wall art. retro sidobord

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saturday afternoon with wine, chocolate, kitten and pinterest

After a really though week at work and then a bit dramatic Saturday morning, I don’t feel like doing anything else than mindless pinterest browsing. With accompanying wine, chocolate and kitten cuddling.

Here are some pictures that caught my eye on pinterest today.

Debra Cronin David Woolley Elle Decoration

Debra Cronin David Woolley Elle Decoration



Miles Redd's bookshelf

Miles Redd’s bookshelf – markdsikes.com

The Little Corner

No idea where from, apart from here: http://thelittlecorner.tumblr.com/post/57989893347



Advertising - Denise Grünstein - CameraLINK

Advertising – Denise Grünstein – CameraLINK

Isn’t the one above absolutely amazing? It’s by Denise Grünstein, and there are so many other beautiful photos by her that I found but I’m not sure I’m actually allowed to put them here on the blog (but one won’t hurt if I link to her agency, right..?) There are more here: cameralink, and you just have to check them out.

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New retro home decor from gRetro

My brother’s new company is going really well – no wonder when he’s selling so many beautiful vintage interior design online! Here are a couple of newly added products (I also love the way he’s taking the pictures)


Solgul unik vas från Åseda


Green glass bowls

Skål på fot

Glass bowl

Wooden bowls and plates


All from gRetro.se


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Missoni home

I’m at selfridges with my friend Vickan looking for a gift for her new nephew and passed the home department! Where we saw these things from missoni




This is the gift that Vickan bought



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upcycled ideas for the garden

My parents have been visiting from Sweden, which is why I haven’t posted anything for a while. But when they were here we visited some places that I want to share with you, like the café and restaurant Canvas & Cream which is here in Forest Hill. They have a beautiful backyard that is perfect for the summer and if you go there you will find loads of upcycling inspiration for the garden (or inside!).

canvas & cream café recycled back garden canvas & cream café recycled back garden forest hill canvas & cream café recycled items back garden IMG_3500 canvas & cream café recycled back garden recycled items accessories back garden

whiskey decanter as garden decor

small things in the garden herbs in garden café recycled items back garden ideas garden accessories ideas for your garden


So if you have a garden, why don’t you hang some colourful bottles from a string, fill the garden with herbs, make some large wooden balls from sticks, change the door knobs to cute ones, randomly place some odd porcelain items you’ve found at your grandma’s and put whiskey decanters on handmade shelves?

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Numi the kitten & her food dish

We have a new family member, Numi! She’s 9 weeks old and the cutest little kitten ever!



These are her food and water dishes, i didn’t have any actual cat bowls so we’re using my iittala candle holder and a sushi plate!



I also think it looks a lot nicer with these than normal plastic cat dishes in awful colours

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