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Carrie’s apartment – sex & the city

It was such a long time ago that I wrote any post now… My lame excuse is that I started a new job and it’s been very busy…

But, that’s gonna change now and I’m starting the new year with a post about Carrie’s apartment. I recently found the floor plan for her flat! It’s always been a mystery to me.

SATC Carrie Floorplan



carrie satc bedroom carrie satc wardrobe sex-and-the-city-movie-set-design-08


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hallway interior

I haven’t posted anything from my apartment in a very long time. Mostly because I wanted to wait until it was all done, at least in one room. But as all these things, it looks like it’s going to take a while before that happens. Here are some pictures from our hallway:


The one above is the view as you step into the flat. The chairs are from the 50s, I found them on ebay. The basket next to our wellies is a gift from my friend, we keep scarfs and umbrellas in it. Above is a painting I did a while ago. Further down the  hallway is an Ikea piece, Expedit, which I put on building blocks, like legs (as seen in another post: ikea bookcase fix up)

hallway furniture

I’m going to put up more pictures above this sideboard, but haven’t got around to do it yet so these two have to lean against the wall until then. The fish one was me playing around with ink at a painting class last year.



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