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modern mid-century apartment

I came across this incredibly beautiful apartment the other day. It’s in Stockholm and belongs to the prop stylist Joanna Lavén. I love the modern mid-century style with a  Scandinavian touch.

hallway, mid-century


modern mid-century living room mid century stockholm apartment



mid-century bar table

mid-century stylish kitchen



mid-century apartment - bedroom

If I could choose one apartment to move to right now, it would be this one!

http://www.agentmolly.com , http://www.linkdeco.se, Photographs: Idha Lindhag

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dream office

These office environment are both really calm/soothing and creative, perfect mix

white office loft

I love large, white, open offices with large windows

empty white loft

with an older touch



open landscape




bagade fonster bokhyllore

dark but light

the meeting rooms


vitt motesrum


meeting room2

scandinavian office meeting room

Individual offices:

mitt kontor



large office

and then a relaxed kitchen


for more office pictures and sources for the pictures above, see my pinterest page


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Johanna’s colourful retro home

This is my friend Johanna’s apartment in Sweden. It’s a lovely little studio with lots of colour, retro feel and character. It’s in Slottstaden i Malmo, close to both city and beach.

Even if it’s a studio it has a separate kitchen and a separate part of the living room is for the bed, so it doesn’t feel small – perfect compact living!

colourful retro apartment sweden interior design

colourful retro apartment sweden interior design

Johanna has bought most of her furniture from second hand shops and flea markets. Some pieces are inherited. This, in combination with the green and yellow colours, has created a perfect retro feeling.

retro record player

Her favourite thing in the flat (apart from her cat Stella of course) is the old record player which she found in a second hand shop.

colourful retro apartment sweden interior design

colourful retro apartment sweden interior design

colourful retro kitchen sweden interior designA separate little kitchen. I love the tins and the sugar sifter in the window!

colourful retro apartment sweden interior designCurtains between the bed and “living” areas of the studio create a feeling a more space.

hNYKbKrJSExKQhtgh2krINTro-y93J6lLg26OV5Po2I 2

Some of Johanna’s pretty dresses and bags

colourful retro apartment sweden interior design the smiths

Beautiful Johanna


My brother, Gustav Jansäter, has taken these great photos. Thank you!

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Swedish Modern & Josef Frank

picture from svenskttenn.se

picture from svenskttenn.se

Josef Frank has had an enormous impact on the history of Swedish design. Despite the fact that he was already 50 years old when he fled Nazism for Sweden and Svenskt Tenn, the Austrian architect and designer is considered to be one of Sweden’s most important designers of all time.

Frank’s ideas on harmony also went against the tide. When others advocated monochromatic environments, Frank wrote: “The monochromatic surface appears uneasy, while patterns are calming, and the observer is unwillingly influenced by the slow, calm way it is produced. The richness of decoration cannot be fathomed so quickly, in contrast to the monochromatic surface which doesn’t invite any further interest and therefore one is immediately finished with it.”

Josef Frank began working at Svenskt Tenn in 1934 and just a few years later, the Frank/Ericson duo made their international breakthrough. Svenskt Tenn’s exhibition room at the World Expositions in Paris in 1937 and in New York in 1939 was completely contrary to the ideal of the time with its bold contrasts in materials, colours and patterns. The duo received a great deal of attention and became, somewhat paradoxically, the model for the expression Swedish Modern.

(from svenskttenn.se)

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Josef_Frank_1960.jpg


Some of Josef Frank’s design:

josef frank design

1. Armchair 1165 Mahogny. 9600 sek (approx £960) Designed in 1946.

2. Cabinet 522 Textile Mahogany. 78,000 SEK (approx £7800) Josef Frank designed the fabric-clad 522 cabinet in 1934-35 after turning his gaze to Great Britain. Dressing furniture with fabric was part of the British furniture culture and what appealed to Frank was the contrast between the hard wood and the soft fabric.

3. Sofa 3031 5-seated. 48,500 SEK (approx £4850) In accordance with Estrid Ericson’s instructions, this sofa was made in 14 different shades of blue-green linen.

4. Cabinet 881 Wawonaroot. 123 000 sek (approx £12300) The drawing of cabinet 881 that Josef Frank did in 1938 was named “Cabinet With 21 Drawers”, although there were only 19 drawers.

5. Coffee Table 2139 Elmroot. 44 900 sek (approx £4490) Designed by Josef Frank för Svenskt Tenn in 1952

6. Armchair 969 Mahogany. 18 800 sek (approx £1880) In 1939, Josef Frank designed Armchair 969, with inspiration from the dainty armchairs of the 1700s.

7. Desk 1022. 42500 sek (approx £4250) This desk was called the “Schatull” desk or “writing case”.


Oh I would love to have these things, but the prices are crazy…


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Naja Munthe’s apartment in Copenhagen

Danish fashion designer Naja Munthe, part of Munthe + Simonsen, lives in this beautiful apartment in Copenhagen. The apartment’s colour scheme is sober white, grey and black. The colours, straight lines, big space, high ceilings and wooden floors make up this classic Scandinavian style. I think Scandinavian style can be a bit boring sometimes, but in this apartment, the oriental details add a more personal and interesting touch.
I love this bedroom! Naja Munthe started the Home Collection Casa de Luxe by Naja Munthe a couple of years ago and the bed linen are from it.
They can be bought online at rikkitikki
…where they also have lots of other things from the collection:
casa de luxe - naja munthe
pictures of the apartment via 


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