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how to pick a sofa?

White/beige or dark…?

Before, I always liked white/beige sofas, like this one below


Bluebell from sofa.com for £1,195…

But then I’ve really started to like more colourful interiors, so perhaps a colourful sofa?

Elle Decor Photographer Simon Upton Featured in French Flair in London Issue April 2010


Elle Decor Photographer William Waldron Designer Steven Gambrel Featured in Restorative Power Issue January 2009


Or a really dark one?

Elle Decor. Photographer Grey Crawford Designer. Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch. Homeowner Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor. Issue: July 2005.


Elle Decor suggests “shop the look” for the above article: Floating sofa by Edward Wormley for Dunbar for $9,500… Thank you for that advice elle decor.



Can velvet sofas be nice?

Elle Decor. Photographer: William Waldron. Designer: Steven Gambrel. Issue: March 2005


Elle Decor. Photographer: William Waldron. Designer: Philip Hooper. Issue: April 2005

I found this one on gumtree for £75

Vintage 2 seat sofa  Picture 2

But then thought that it might be a bit too girly…

But a dark velvet sofa is actually really nice, never thought I’d like that. But this one below is gorgeous.

The Milo Baughman sofa – elle decor – photographer eric piasecki


At sofa.com they have this sofa called Descartes

Descartes from sofa.com



Green Descartes

Do you think the Descartes sofa looks comfortable or is it too… square?

sofa.com also have the bluebell sofa in darker colours, and velvet:


Does it look more comfortable compared to:


If the Descartes is as comfortable, I think I would go for this last one, the “elephant pure cotton matt velvet” colour. What do you think?

Only problem is that it costs £1,695. hmm.
But at made.com, who is “taking on the high street to offer you original furniture design at affordable price”, they have this Flynn sofa for £699
Flynn sofa - made.com

Flynn sofa – made.com

But maybe it looks too square and uncomfortable? and it doesn’t come in velvet…
Oh the sofa hunt continues…


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