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metallic window shopping

I came across a really nice design shop when I was back in Sweden over Christmas. They had lots of things from Tom Dixon, like these metal bowls and lamps:



IMG_2053 IMG_2052

The big lamp is £350 so maybe not, but these tea lights are £35 each…

The big bowl reminds me a tiny bit of a silver metal bowl I got from my parents once:

photo (4)

(please ignore the dust…)

The store also had more golden metallic stuff from Skultuna.


More golden stuff from Skultuna’s website:

183-409-611 181-401-603 82-85-213 102-105-275

I just everything that is metallic right now.

With one exception, these little white things that I also saw there. Apparently Lindform call them Pebbles. They remind me of Moomins (mumintroll)



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