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Creating the brand for a vintage furniture e-retailer

This year, I’ve been working together with my brother on his vintage furniture company that he started. I’ve been helping out with brand strategy, marketing and keeping the pinterest and facebook accounts up-to-date, events and so on.

Creating the brand was extremely exciting with everything from values, mission, naming to logo and other visuals. This is the logo that we created with our graphic designer:

The text below is the “about gRetro” text that I wrote for the website. I wrote it as if my brother wrote it himself though! (Original text in Swedish here)

About gRetro
gRetro was founded by myself, Gustav Jansater, in the early spring of 2013 with the aim to make use of old things. We sell “stuff” that some people are tired of but in a new home can create that personal touch that brand new purchases just can’t.

They say that 2013 is the year when we start looking at our old things in a new light, the year we start recycling “old junk”. Young people have already started looking for gems in containers and attics and hopefully this is the year when the expression “throw-away society” ceases to exist and is replaced by “recycling society”. gRetro is a company that wants to contribute to this.

gRetro can help you create your own unique home, something truly special with your own personal style, thanks to a great range of products such as furniture, textiles, art, lights and homeware.

The name gRetro comes from adding the letter G to the word retro. G as in my name Gustav, but also as in my granny Greta, who together with grandpa Nils drove down to the flea markets in France during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and brought back antiques and old treasures to renovate. They have passed on this passion for old furniture and making use of old stuff to me and to my whole family.

And then retro, from retrospective – looking back at what has already been. Objects from another era… Gustav, Greta and Retro – gRetro!

Check out the gRetro website here, unfortunately we just ship within Scandinavia at the moment and the website is still only available in Swedish. But there are lots of pictures that tell more than words!

gRetro’s pinterest

Retro & Vintage inspiration

colorized phozo of Susan Peters atop her Monark bicycle, 1943     Ofelias Hus - Lantlig - Shabby Chic - Vintage Inredning när den är som bäst.

#vintage #interior #inredning #skrivmaskin #typewriter    kaffe med macarons

Steven Meisels for Vogue 2007    via. Emmas Vintage

Free Vintage 1930s 2-Piece Suit Knitting Pattern and Tutorial    a cute little corner in a kitchen. kök i vintage

Awesome way to turn your office into a mid century oasis.      åpent hus: Svensk stilmiks i byen /Swedish retro city apartment. Retro hallmöbel

Vintage retro furniture and salon style wall art. retro sidobord

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gRetro – retro interior design e-shop

My brother has started an online business selling vintage things for the home! He has found lots of things at my parents house that they didn’t have space for anymore, plus he’s going to flea markets  on the weekends to get new things.

It’s called gRetro – Retro for the cool vintage things he’s selling, and G for Gustav, my brother’s name and Greta, our grandmother’s name. Check the site out at gretro.se

He’s selling some really cool stuff like this old retro radio from the 50s

Orange vintage radio from the 50s


or these old alarm clocks!

Väckarklocka från Comet  Junghans Bivox Runa väckarklocka

Diehl Alarmklocka  Rostov (Sovjetunionen) väckarklocka

Prim väckarklocka  Erevan 4 Jewels väckarklocka


and this little thing


Designed by Greta Runeborg 1938-9

The interior accessories and furniture can currently just be delivered in Sweden, but if you see something you like and you’re not in Sweden, I can ask my brother how much it would cost to deliver. Or email him directly at info@gretro.se

PS. 100 Swedish SEK is like £10,  €9 or $7.

I’m also blogging a bit on the website, as is my sister. And my brother is a great photographer and has put up some beautiful inspiration, like this one


Glass jars


All the products are not up yet so there will be more things up on the site every week, like the glass jars above. When I go back to Sweden in August we will have a big garden launch party too! Let me know if you’re in the south of Sweden and want to come, everyone’s invited!

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recycled furniture

Recycled furniture is a big trend right now, likely resulting from both the popularity of vintage furniture and our growing green conciousness.

South African interior/furniture designer Katie Thompson has a beautiful collection of recycled furniture called Recreate where she mixes antiques in unconventional ways.

Ottoman tub with storage   Suitcase Sidetable – Mr Remington II


Another designer working with recycled vintage furniture is British Zoe Murphy, who promotes the idea of ‘Loving what belongs to you’ by printing onto recycled furniture and textiles. This is an idea that isn’t too difficult to copy and do yourself (although perhaps a bit time consuming if you want this much of details…)




zoe murphy recycled furniture





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