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gRetro – retro interior design e-shop

My brother has started an online business selling vintage things for the home! He has found lots of things at my parents house that they didn’t have space for anymore, plus he’s going to flea markets  on the weekends to get new things.

It’s called gRetro – Retro for the cool vintage things he’s selling, and G for Gustav, my brother’s name and Greta, our grandmother’s name. Check the site out at

He’s selling some really cool stuff like this old retro radio from the 50s

Orange vintage radio from the 50s


or these old alarm clocks!

Väckarklocka från Comet  Junghans Bivox Runa väckarklocka

Diehl Alarmklocka  Rostov (Sovjetunionen) väckarklocka

Prim väckarklocka  Erevan 4 Jewels väckarklocka


and this little thing


Designed by Greta Runeborg 1938-9

The interior accessories and furniture can currently just be delivered in Sweden, but if you see something you like and you’re not in Sweden, I can ask my brother how much it would cost to deliver. Or email him directly at

PS. 100 Swedish SEK is like £10,  €9 or $7.

I’m also blogging a bit on the website, as is my sister. And my brother is a great photographer and has put up some beautiful inspiration, like this one


Glass jars


All the products are not up yet so there will be more things up on the site every week, like the glass jars above. When I go back to Sweden in August we will have a big garden launch party too! Let me know if you’re in the south of Sweden and want to come, everyone’s invited!

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vintage treasures from paris

I went to Paris last weekend with two friends and it was just wonderful. The weather was amazing and we walked around in the sun, sat down at cafés and bars every now and then and just relaxed.

paris collage

On Sunday we went to a flea market close to Porte de Vanves. I’ve never been there before, only to Porte de Clignancourt, but the market in Porte de Vanves is much smaller so that you can actually manage to find your way through it and it has lots of smaller vintage things for the home. They say it’s not as expensive as Clignancourt and I guess it wasn’t but it doesn’t mean it was cheap either. Although I did find some things to a really good price too. These are my vintage treasures from le marché aux puces de Vanves that I’ve now placed in my home…

Vase  a vase

glass jar

this glass jar

old perfume bottle

old perfume bottle

old perfume bottle old perfume bottle  caraffe    a decanter

small silver spoon  a tiny silver spoon

small silver spoon



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antiques shopping – camden passage in Angel

Camden passage is a great place for finding things for the home. On a slightly hidden little alley in Angel, there are market stalls, antique shops and concept stores.

Some of the shops and stalls are only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but other shops are open on other days, sometimes you need to ring the bell.

camden passage in angel


camden passage in angel


home & pantry - camden passage - angel lamp store in angel lamp store in angel

Graphic designer Lizzie Evans’ lifestyle store Smug with 50s and 60s furniture

smug - camden passage - angel

One of many antique stores..


There are also a couple of really nice cafés and restaurants for breaks, like to rather newly opened coffee works, which has a nice interior.

coffee works - angel


Coffee works - angel


coffee works - angel


the first Breakfast Club

IMG_2472 IMG_2473 IMG_2474



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